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My GF owned from ...
07.06.2008 by shameshame
0.06 of 5

To ensure better sliding I applied some lubricant on my girlfriend’s ass and screwed her from behind

Long lasting fucking
17.04.2008 by caner27
0.00 of 5

Tender and long lasting – and my girlfriend love the heaviest fuck sessions in the middle of the night.

Exploring cunt wi...
06.03.2009 by hokieman
3.00 of 5

I take the dildo and start exploring my girlfriend’s pussy with that stuff.

In lingerie and hat
03.05.2008 by cuetrip
3.50 of 5

My girlfriend knows what excites me the most and she puts on black lingerie and a hat and performs the sexy dance for me.

Masturbating in l...
07.02.2007 by Kevin94SL
4.00 of 5

This is the tape of my ex-girlfriend on which she wears the latex outfit and masturbates pussy with the dildo!

In hot poses
30.01.2009 by barra
5.00 of 5

Any hot sex position was tried by me and my girlfriend and this tape is one of the proofs to that unbelievable fact!

Sexy seducer
16.08.2007 by kafasiz9999
4.50 of 5

My girlfriend is a very sexy seducer and she loves working her body on camera trying to excite as many men as possible.

Hard chocolate dick
16.04.2009 by hitmygthang
4.83 of 5

The man has a hard chocolate piston and his saucy girlfriend likes taking it in the mouth and oozing pussy hole!

She’s not alone
19.01.2009 by Arognar
5.00 of 5

My girlfriend started self satisfying but I couldn’t let her continue alone and very quickly joined the kinky pastime!

Hard and black
12.11.2008 by blugel
5.00 of 5

Every woman dreams about such a hard and black member and my current girlfriend gets it any time she wants!

Games in the bath...
04.05.2007 by Totto
4.67 of 5

I and my girlfriend decided to have some hot entertainment in the bathroom and finally we both heavily cum.

Nice belly for cum
28.09.2007 by tizz
4.00 of 5

Fuck! My girlfriend has such a nice smooth belly that I ever can’t help exploding my semen on the soft skin.

She made show
28.01.2008 by sgt-nicholas-angel
4.00 of 5

My luscious girlfriend has made the hottest show before the home camera in which she dildo fucked the wet pussy.

Masturbating in t...
12.04.2008 by cO_oC
5.00 of 5

My sweet girlfriend is very lusty and she gets naked in the car and lies before my camera masturbating right in it!

Always agree to suck
07.02.2008 by djdropdead
3.00 of 5

Do you know that I am a happy guy because my girlfriend never minds swallowing my big and excited member?!

Car wanking
13.11.2008 by dante_mortalus
3.80 of 5

My girlfriend was driving the car when suddenly she stopped it, pulled my cock out of pants and wanked the stuff!

Cool assed girl
24.09.2007 by PrinceHansel
4.00 of 5

My girlfriend has a very cool ass and it’s clearly seen in our homemade video in which we plunge into hard fuck.

Blowjob close up
15.04.2007 by birty
5.00 of 5

I am proud to share this POV movie with you in which my girlfriend is blowing the cock in close-ups!

Masturbation in t...
01.04.2009 by ericmania123
4.39 of 5

See my sexy girlfriend Emily masturbating at the backseat of our family van

Batwoman on cock
13.05.2009 by Roger76
4.75 of 5

I love looking at my girlfriend from behind because she has such a great bat tattoo and willingly demonstrates it.

Only from behind
07.02.2009 by Coban
4.14 of 5

I adore drilling my girlfriend only from behind that’s why I always bend her over before sticking my dick inside pussy.

My horny panther
09.02.2009 by nananaveen
4.00 of 5

I and my girlfriend like crazy sex games and this time she wears the mask and looks like a wild panther sucking on my stick.

Nice doll on knees
01.03.2009 by swmnr
3.67 of 5

A very nice long haired babe is staying on knees and I like it because it’s my frisky girlfriend that’s getting owned by me from behind.

Black guy’s ple...
02.09.2007 by VisualizeWinkle
4.56 of 5

The black guy is feeling the greatest pleasure when my naughty girlfriend is licking and sucking his hard cock.

Dildo between legs
16.05.2008 by nooky
4.50 of 5

The dildo working up between my girlfriend’s legs looks so sexily and makes her feel the peek of real pleasure.

Hot blue stuff
14.12.2008 by anibal4083
4.50 of 5

This is the hot blue dildo stuff that is making my sassy girlfriend scream and convulse from unbelievable pleasure.

Exclusive show
28.04.2009 by doe10
3.67 of 5

My frisky girlfriend is absolutely naked performing the exclusive and hot show with dildo in front of the camera.

Tearing pussy apart
15.02.2009 by soocher4
3.67 of 5

My blonde girlfriend is so passionate and cock avid that she is almost ready to tear her pussy in pieces spreading the hole.

In bushy nub
14.03.2009 by sycloud
4.25 of 5

My cock is pleasingly sliding inside the lusty amateur girlfriend’s bushy nub!

She knows to wank
26.03.2009 by perryman9494
5.00 of 5

Damn, guys! I am so lucky to have this sexy and skilful girlfriend that knows how to wank my excited member!

My dick swallowing
17.03.2009 by JiRaiYa
0.00 of 5

This is my horny girlfriend that is taking my bone hard member in hands and beading the mouth on stiff inches.

Blonde GF sucks
13.09.2007 by sarahmathis
5.00 of 5

The horny blonde girlfriend’s mouth already hurts but she never wants to leave my stiff member from her sexy lips!

Dildoing when sho...
13.10.2008 by vivekwwe
3.25 of 5

It’s no wonder my girlfriend got excited when washing in the shower and she took her dildo and masturbated right there.

Is that better th...
06.09.2007 by alphamale2929
3.00 of 5

My girlfriend plays with her dildo so often that I have one question for her: hey, babe, is that stuff better than my cock?

Another blowjob
22.07.2008 by joo321
2.00 of 5

This is another horny homemade movie in which the salacious amateur guy is getting blowjob from his girlfriend.

Nice pussy
07.07.2008 by boing2007
3.50 of 5

No doubt, my girlfriend’s pussy is really nice for sticking the cock inside.

Best mouth
29.10.2008 by EracerX
4.33 of 5

This is the best mouth for fuck and it belongs to my excited girlfriend.

On the boot
07.01.2008 by madgerry
4.00 of 5

My chubby girlfriend was talking too much when we were driving in the car so I stopped and gave her a good punishment in the view of fucking on the boot!

She sucks in glasses
07.08.2007 by toobi
4.00 of 5

My girlfriend unlikes when sperm gets in her eyes so she always puts on sunglasses when swallowing my dick.

Ready to explode
07.04.2008 by maturetaste
1.00 of 5

Both me and my bosomy girlfriend are on the edge of the explosive orgasm waiting for the peek of the pleasure.

Double pleasure f...
07.04.2009 by masterskill
3.50 of 5

My licentious girlfriend is getting the double pleasure – she is sucking my dick and getting fucked orally by my friend.

Make her cum
24.03.2007 by riba983
2.00 of 5

My beautiful girlfriend is lying in the bed and waiting for my hands and lips to make her convulse in the wildest pleasure.

Being covered wit...
31.03.2009 by ItsDizzle
2.75 of 5

I managed record my girlfriend on the peek of pleasure when she slid the hand down to pussy and convulsed in ecstasy.

Splendid sucking
04.11.2008 by Cydd
4.67 of 5

My blonde girlfriend is one of the most splendid suckers in my life.

Black stockinged GF
28.02.2008 by zglabu
4.00 of 5

My girlfriend is wearing the black stockings and this fact excites me so damn much that I am about to explode.

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